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2015 Call For Abstracts

The FWATA Research and Grants Committee conducts an awards competition for the Free Communications Program. During the FWATA Annual Meeting, presentations from both the Peer Reviewed and Student Exchange Tracks will be judged and selected winners will receive awards ranging from $100 to $225.

The FWATA Research & Grants Committee offers two different submission options for participation with the Free Communications Program:

  1. Peer Reviewed Track (available to all NATA members or associate members)
  2. Student Exchange Track (available to undergraduate or master level graduate students)

The main distinction between the two tracks is the level of review applied to each. The level of scientific review applied to submissions for the Peer Reviewed Track is rigorous. Please read & follow all instructions carefully as most rejections results from improperly structured abstracts or failure to include required elements.

The Student Exchange Track offers an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate (master level) students to present their research results at the FWATA Annual Meeting. The Student Exchange Track will allow students an option to share scholarly information without being subjected to a rigorous scientific review of the content of the abstract. Submissions for the Student Exchange Track must pass only a mechanical review and will be presented in Poster format at the FWATA Annual Meeting.

Application process and guidelines are similar for both options and are available on the FWATA website. Abstracts rejected from the Peer Reviewed Track will not be transferred to the Student Exchange Track.

The Research and Grants Committee would to encourage and thank you for your scholarly pursuits in athletic training. If you have any questions related to the program or application process, feel free to contact any member of the FWATA Research & Grants Committee for clarification, we look forward to your participation.


2015 Call For Abstracts (.pdf)

Information and application materials are available at:



Courtesy of Kavin Tsang 

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