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Meet D8 – Lauren Forsyth

The FWATA Public Relations Committee Social Media team is highlighting members of District 8 each month.  This month we are highlight District 8 Governmental Affairs Committee Chair, Assistant Athletic Trainer UC Berkeley Lauren Forsyth, MS, ATC, CES

What first made you choose athletic training? What inspired you to become an athletic trainer?

I’ve always been drawn to a career in healthcare because I wanted to help people. As a young athlete, being an athletic trainer was perfect because it allowed me to stay within the sports culture that I was most comfortable in. As I’ve grown, I’ve continued to choose athletic training because I enjoy being a part of patients’ lives every day. Athletic training is the one health care professional who gets to be a part of an athletes’ everyday life. This is a gift that can allow us to understand the true cause of an individual’s injuries and how to heal or prevent them. My favorite part of athletic training continues to be the everyday challenge of solving problems as quickly as possible and the life-long relationships that grow from this daily challenge.

How did you first get involved in FWATA?

Initially, I got involved on the FWATA student committee as an undergrad. First I was a representative and then the following year I took over as Chair and sat as a non-voting member of the FWATA Managing Board. After that, I chose to volunteer with Governmental Affairs in California because there is obviously a great need there. Three years later, that turned into FWATA and NATA GAC. I have enjoyed the GAC because I have learned so much about government, legislature and politics that I never would have taken an interest in otherwise.

What advice would you give to AT students?

Get comfortable asking questions and then never stop. Surround yourself with people who can help you grow, not people who hold you back. And also, never forget how to laugh while doing this job… it’s just too hard otherwise.

What are you most proud of when you look back on your career? Or what is your most memorable moment in the profession?

I can’t say that I have one moment that is my most memorable or that I spend a lot of time looking back and being proud of anything specific. However, there have been a few moments in my career where I knew that I truly helped someone in need. These events are rarely connected to sport or injury, but are almost always connected to true life altering issues. Amazingly enough, in some of these moments, I was blessed with the right words at the right time. In looking back on my career, it’s these moments that dwarf everything else. These moments make participating in sport a luxury and give my career a different meaning.

What are you looking forward to most as our profession continues to grow and develop?

Mostly, I am looking forward to athletic training regulation in the state of California. All I want out of the rest of my career is to stop uneducated and unqualified people from calling themselves athletic trainers while causing harm to youth athletes and the general public.

Is there anything you would like the members of district 8 to know about your committee or things happening in our district?

When your state GAC asks for help please respond! California, Hawaii and Nevada are always very active in the legislature and what they do directly affects you as a practicing athletic trainer!

If you are interested in joining the Governmental Affairs Committee please contact Lauren Forsyth,




Courtesy of FWATA Public Relations Committee

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