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“BET ON AT” Campaign for D8

Athletic Training Students … future colleagues:

I am going on my 26th year as a member of the NATA and through all these years as a clinician and academician, I remain excited about the impact of the student experience and the role students play in shaping and defining our profession. I suspect every Athletic Trainer can fondly relate back to their student experiences and how it influenced the development of their career. I also believe it is essential that students are both empowered and accountable in recognizing their contributions in shaping our profession … to believe in not just themselves but their classmates and colleagues.

Beginning this month, we are launching the “BET ON AT” campaign (unique to D8) to promote the support of athletic training students … we challenge you to affirm the belief in yourself, your peers, the profession! “BET ON” yourself and your classmates by making a one-time donation of $8 to the Foundation … challenge your classmates and colleagues to “BET ON” you and demonstrate their support as well.

The pioneers, leaders, and mentors in our district will also “BET ON AT”… members of the FWATA Hall of Fame and Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer have partnered with the NATA Foundation on this campaign. These individuals are showing their support by matching each student donation of at least $8 as well as providing a personal correspondence to the student.

Act now … use the QR code below with your smart-phone or link to “BET ON AT” … enter “BET ON AT” in the comment box to affirm your support!

I hope you join us in defining the future of our profession by “betting on a sure thing” … the students of today, the leaders of tomorrow!

Kavin Tsang
NATA Foundation District 8 Chair

Tom Abdenour FWATA HOF ’07
Robert Kersey FWATA HOF ’13
Carolyn Peters FWATA HOF ’17
Bill Chambers FWATA HOF ’94
Ky Kugler FWATA MDAT ’09
Scott Sailor FWATA HOF ’14
Cindy Clivio FWATA HOF ’16
Julie Max FWATA HOF ’06
Paul Schechter FWATA HOF ’01
Carolyn Greer FWATA HOF ’09
Andy Paulin FWATA HOF ’09
Beth Ann Young FWATA MDAT ’16


Courtesy of NATA Research & Education Foundation BOD, D8

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