Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee

Committee Mission & Members


Mission: The NATA Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors, aiming to identify and address issues relevant to the ethnically diverse populations to better serve the needs of both patients and fellow athletic trainers. EDAC advocates sensitivity toward cultural diversity, development of cultural competence within the profession and promotion of athletic trainers as leaders in issues related to cultural competence and professional diversity within the health care professions.

Structure: EDAC is a district-based committee, with one representative from each of the 10 districts within NATA, plus a graduate student representative and the committee chair. Potential committee members are identified by the board liaison and chair, and then approved by their district directors. Final approval of the appointment is made by the president and board of directors.

Note: It is not required to be ethnically diverse to serve on EDAC, but it is preferred because one of EDAC’s functions is to provide an opportunity for training ethnically diverse leaders within the athletic training profession.

District Level Goals:

  1. Promote EDAC’s national and district events on the district and state level utilizing newsletters, email, social media etc.
  2. Organize an EDAC service project at your district meeting.
  3. Recruit participants.
  4. Disseminate education at the district level.

Ongoing EDAC Initiatives:

  • Grant Programs
  • Mentoring
  • Scholarships
  • Bill Chism Award
  • Outreach / Service
  • District Based Education
  • Online Resources
  • Social Media & Digital Communications

NATA Convention Activities:

  • Service Project
  • Committee Meeting
  • Educational Session
  • Career Day
  • Town Hall & Social

As always, EDAC is looking for motivated, driven and committed members to get involved with our diversity initiatives. Those interested should email Chris Litt, M.Ed, ATC at to find out how you can become a member. Please be prepared to provide a letter of interest and resume (including NATA member number and NPI number).

Chris Litt,

Committee Chair

Siraai Muhammad,

California Representative

Chaffey College

Erin Tillman,

Hawaii Representative

University of Hawaii

Jasmine Brooks


University of the Pacific

Kumiko Hashida

Committee Member

Jesse Williams

Committee Member

Chely Arias

Committee Member

Paul Alvarez

Committee Member

Theresa Marcos

Committee Member

Mimi Nakajima

Committee Member

Mikel Jackson


Far West Athletic Trainers Association