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District 8 Student Scholarship Application

DUE DATE:  March 15th, 2023

The Far West Athletic Trainers’ Association currently sponsors ten scholarships to support student membership available to athletic training students within District 8. Recipients of each scholarship receive a $1500.00 monetary award and a plaque. All of the awards are given in order to continue promoting the education and profession of athletic training, as well as recognize some of the outstanding students who represent the future of the Athletic Training profession. Four of the current scholarships are given in memory of individuals who contributed greatly to the growth and success of the profession of Athletic Training.

*Please note that submitting an application through the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA Research & Education Foundation) NO LONGER automatically places the applicant eligible for a FWATA scholarship. The student applicant must now submit separate applications for a FWATA ($1,500 award) and NATA ($2,300 award) scholarship.

NOTE: Once started, form must be submitted at time of completion, there is no “Save & Finish Later” Option. You will be able to upload required transcript and resume to form before submission.

All letters of recommendation must be submitted by sponsor directly to Scholarship Committee Chair via email.

Here are some testimonials from previous FWATA Scholarship Recipients in which they discuss the award’s impact on their personal, educational and professional journey.

“I was fortunate to receive the Lewis Crowl (may he rest in peace) Scholarship in 2018 when i was an undergraduate student at San Jose State University. As a first-generation student of color, it was already a financial challenge to put myself through school. The FWATA Scholarship Committee helped cover some tuition, transportation to my clinical sites, and my student liability insurance. It was an easy application process and even today, I strongly encourage students to apply!” – Celene Estrada, MS, ATC San Jose State University

“I was blessed to receive a FWATA Scholarship! The Award helped me relocate to Eugene, OR so that I could pursue my post professional master’s degree. It also gave me financial security during my first weeks as my graduate assistantship did not start right away. I am forever grateful to the FWATA Scholarships Committee!
– Brandee Barbee, MS, ATC Cal State Fullerton

“Earning a FWATA scholarship jump started my career in performing arts medicine. I utilized the scholarship to get me to a Performing Arts Medicine Association Symposium where I not only learned dancer specific techniques and treatments, but also networked with clinicians in performing arts medicine (which landed me two jobs!). I am so grateful for the support to be able to attend that symposium, because it changed the course of my career!” – Sandra Harris, MS, ATC Chapman University

“As a rising junior in my class, I was fortunate to be awarded the Felix Rivera Memorial Scholarship. Without the guidance of my mentors and the amazing athletic trainers involved in FWATA, I would not have known about the scholarship. My plan then is the same as it is now: preparing to begin graduate school with the help of the awards!” – Oscar Lopez-Huerta, LAT, ATC University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“The FWATA Scholarship was definitely a blessing while I was traveling for my summer internship and it also helped me connect/reconnect with other scholarship recipients from that year!” – Ruthy Carmona, MS, ATC Cal Baptist University

“The honor of being a multiple recipient of a FWATA Scholarship was a huge deal to me. I made it a routine to look forward to applying each year. With the support I received from the scholarships, I was financially prepared to enter graduate school. I am grateful for how the district has supported my journey as a student. My goal is to encourage students I come across in my career to apply for this scholarship opportunity.” – Jesse Williams, MS, ATC Cal State Fullerton

(2023 Application window opens February 1st and closes March 15th)

Please click the Google Form to start and submit your 2023 application

Click here for FWATA Scholarship Application


CATA Scholarship – Corentin Touya, California State University Fullerton

Scott Sailor Scholarship – Jason Da Silva, University of La Verne

Daniel D. Arnheim Scholarship – Kimberly Cebulski, California State University Fullerton

Julie Max Scholarship – Abigail Robinson, California State University Fullerton

Jerry Lloyd Memorial Scholarship – Stephanie Saavedra, California Baptist University

Mark Ando & Ito Family Scholarship – Kumiko Hashida, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

HATA Scholarship – Andrew Takata, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Bill Chambers Scholarship – Morgan Freeman, California State University, Fullerton

Lewis Crowl Scholarship – Sora Tanigawa, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

Gail Weldon Memorial Scholarship – Sienna Baldwin, California State University Fullerton

2022 Scholarship Winners

CATA Scholarship | Community College Student

Felix Rivera Memorial Scholarship | Undergraduate Student

Gail Weldon Memorial Scholarship | Undergraduate Student

Jerry Lloyd Memorial Scholarship | Undergraduate Student

Lewis Crowl Scholarship | Undergraduate Student

Bill Chambers Scholarship Endowment | Undergraduate or Graduate Student

Daniel D. Arnheim Scholarship | Graduating Senior or Graduate Student

Julie Max Scholarship | Graduating Senior or Graduate Student

HATA Scholarship | Graduate student from Hawaii or registered in a program in Hawaii

Mark Ando & Ito Family Scholarship | Undergraduate or Graduate Student of Asian Descent

Scott Sailor Scholarship | Undergraduate or Graduate Student



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