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The Far West Athletic Trainers Association/District 8 currently sponsors eight scholarships available to athletic training students within the FWATA/District 8. Recipients of each scholarship receive a $1500.00 monetary award and a plaque. An additional certificate is also presented to the nominating certified athletic trainer of each scholarship recipient. All of the awards are given in order to continue promoting the education and profession of athletic training, as well as recognize some of the outstanding students who represent the future of the Athletic Training profession. Three of the current scholarships are given in memory of individuals who contributed greatly to the growth and success of the profession of Athletic Training. The FWATA/District 8 Scholarships available are:

Scholarship | Available To

Nelson Family Scholarship | Community College Student

CATA Scholarship | Community College Student

Felix Rivera Memorial Scholarship | Undergraduate Student

Lewis Crowl Scholarship | Undergraduate Student

Jerry Lloyd Memorial Scholarship | Undergraduate Student

Gail Weldon Memorial Scholarship | Undergraduate Student

FWATA Hall of Fame Memorial Scholarship | Graduating Senior or Graduate Student

Daniel D. Arnheim Scholarship | Graduating Senior or Graduate Student

Mine and Gonsaku lto Scholarship | Undergraduate or Graduate Student of Asian descent

Bill Chambers Scholarship Endowment | Undergraduate or Graduate Student

Please note that an application for undergraduate or graduate scholarship through the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (Research & Education Foundation) automatically places the applicant eligible for a FWATA scholarship.

This procedure automatically places the applicant eligible for a FWATA & an NATA scholarship. Submitting an application to the NATA Research & Education Foundation makes the applicant eligible for $2300 through the NATA and $1500 through FWATA. Community College applicants are not eligible through the NATA and therefore must apply through FWATA to be considered.

Eligibility Requirements

Community College Students:

  • Applicants must be student members of the NATA prior to March 1st, of the application year and a District 8 member of the NATA.
  • Applicants must have an overall GPA of 3.2 (based on a maximum of 4.0) for ALL community college courses to date, to include the previous Fall semester.
  • Applicants must have performed with distinction as a participant in his/her athletic training program, academic major, institution, intercollegiate athletics, or American higher education. NOTE: The degree of the student’s athletic training achievement shall be weighed at least equally with the degree of their athletic training performance.
  • Applicants must signify their intention to continue academic work to the baccalaureate degree as a full time undergraduate student and have been judged capable of this study by their major professor, major department head, or dean of the college in which they have enrolled.
  • It must be the intent of the recipient of the scholarship that they pursue the profession of athletic training as their means of livelihood.
  • After satisfying the above requirements, consideration shall be given to their participation in campus activities other than academic and athletic training in which they have had the opportunity to demonstrate their qualities of leadership and serve as an example to their fellow students.

Undergraduate (Sophomore and Junior Students) & Post-graduate (Graduating Senior and Graduate Students):

See eligibility requirements from the NATA Research & Education Foundation webpage.


1.  Download, fill out and submit the appropriate scholarship application:

2.   Email all community college applications to the Scholarship Committee Chair by March 1st of the application year.  Applications received after March 1st will not be considered for any awards.

2014 Scholarship Winners

CATA Scholarship – Rachel Brannigan, Fullerton College
The Nelson Family Scholarship – Spencer Sawyer, College of the Sequoias
Gail Weldon Scholarship – Marissa Sumida, Chapman University
Gary Millary Scholarship – Alissa Huerta, CSU, Long Beach
Jerry Lloyd Scholarship – Michael Gregory CSU, Fullerton
Felix Rivera Scholarship (Nevada) – Soichiro Shiota, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
FWATA Scholarship – Blaire Buckley, Chapman University
Daniel Arnheim Scholarship – Danielle Stensvold, Sonoma State University
Mine & Gonsakulto Ito Scholarship – Christiana Kaleialii, CSU, Fresno

Ned Bergert

Committee Chair