AT Advocate Award

Eligibility, Criteria and Nomination Form

Athletic Training Advocate Award

The AT Advocate Award recognizes an individual, organization, corporation or company that has been a champion in securing athletic trainers in the secondary school setting and improving public awareness of the profession.

This award recognizes those who have:

  1. Demonstrated long-term commitment to the secondary school setting;
  2. Provided public awareness, external marketing, promotion and education of the role of athletic trainers in the secondary school setting;
  3. Served in establishing, maintaining and improving the presence of athletic trainers in the secondary school setting, which is a national objective of NATA.
  4. Positioned themselves as a leader in promoting the secondary school setting as a career-destination.


Any individual, organization, corporation or company.


  1. Demonstrated consistent contribution/donation of resources (including time, talent, financial or position) to promote appropriate athletic health care in the secondary schools, including employment of athletic trainers.
  2. Must be able to demonstrate progressive improvements or promotion of athletic trainers in the secondary school setting, inclusive of but not exclusive to the following:
    1. Policy, initiatives, funding or promoting and creating additional AT position(s), secondary school health/safety initiatives, etc.
    2. Lectures, promotion, public service, lobbying, etc.


The nomination period for this award is August 1  – September 15.


Far West Athletic Trainers Association