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Francis Parker School Teacher Survives Sudden Cardiac Arrest Thanks to Quick Actions of Athletic Trainer and Fans

Niki Dehner ATC

Niki Dehner ATC

Niki Dehner, of Francis Parker School was able to help save a life. A teacher collapsed during the 2nd quarter of a varsity football game while he was running the scoreboard. The AT, Niki Dehner, was called up by fans so she went up to assess the situation while the team doc stayed down at the field. She said when she got up there, a few parents who were doctors had started CPR. She ran back down to the field, got the AED and ran back up. She hooked up the AED and delivered the shock, then advised the parent to continue with compression’s while she navigated EMS to the scene. From what Niki told me, he coded twice, and thinks he was shocked three times.The man lived to turn 65 the next day. He has a history of cardiac issues, but none that led to his SCA. He now has an implanted pace maker. He has been a coach and a teach at that school for decades. The coaches cancelled the rest of the game out of respect.

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