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FWATA 2020 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to following FWATA 2020 Scholarship winners! They have all managed to continually meet their prospective Athletic Training Program academic and hourly requirements, along with fulfilling volunteer opportunities.


Hailey Jade Tuesday (University of Hawai’i): Lewis Crowl Scholarship
Grace Davis (University of Idaho): Jerry Lloyd Memorial Scholarship
Melissa Ramos (California Baptist University): CATA Scholarship
Ashley Marie Sink (University of LaVerne): Scott Sailor Scholarship
Joanna Janell Brazzle (University of LaVerne): Julie Max Scholarship
Derek Beeler (University of Hawai’i): Bill Chambers Endowment Scholarship
Josh Batshoun (University of Nevada, Las Vegas): Felix Rivera Memorial Scholarship
Claire Arellano (University of the Pacific): Gail Weldon Memorial Scholarship
Kevan Murgia (California State University, Long Beach): Daniel D Arnheim Scholarship
Jamie Choi Chee Sardinha (University of Hawai’i): Mark Ando and Ito Family Scholarship
Azumi Koyama (University of Hawai’i): HATA Scholarship

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