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FWATA ATs Participate in the 2015 Summer Universiade in Gwanju, South Korea

FWATA ATs at Gwangju

FWATA Athletic Trainers at Gwangju: (L-R) Hazel Ando, Meredith Dillon, Mike Martinez, Debbie Iwasaki, Leroy Heu, Chris Gibson, Lee Martin, Carl Stocklin, Paul Alvarez, Michael Hoang.

A number of athletic trainers from the Far West Athletic Trainers’ Association were responsible for athletic health care at the 2015 Summer Universiade in Gwangju, South Korea (July 3 – July 14). The group included Hazel Ando (Team USA Office Manager, UC Santa Barbara), Leroy Heu (Team USA Head Athletic Trainer, UC Santa Barbara), Michael Hoang (Team USA Assistant Athletic Trainer, Cal State Fullerton), Debbie Iwasaki (Team USA Assistant Athletic Trainer, Stanford University), Paul Alvarez (Team USA Assistant Athletic Trainer, University of La Verne), Meredith Dillon (Team USA Volleyball, West Valley College), Mike Martinez (USA Baseball, UC Irvine), Chris Gibson (USA Track and Field, UCLA), Lee Martin (USA Women’s Water Polo, Stanford University), Carl Stocklin (USA Men’s Water Polo, UCLA), Steve Fuzie (USA Swimming, Active Care Physical Therapy), and Rachel Salazar (USA Gymnastics, UC Berkeley). District 8 ATs were joined by Bill Cowgill, USA Men’s Basketball, University of Kansas, Nicole Alexander, USA Women’s Basketball, University of North Carolina, Ian Wood, USA Women’s Soccer, Colorado College Sherri LaShomb, USA Taekwondo, Rachel Crampton, USA Track and Field, Bob Bruzga, Team USA, Duke University, Shefail Christopher, Team USA, Duke University.

Team USA Athletic Trainers staffed a medical clinic for general clinical care, assisted with individual team medical care, and provided event coverage for teams that did not travel with medical personnel. Those athletic trainers who were assigned by the respective National Governing Bodies (NGBs) provided sport-specific care during practices and competitions, as well as general medical care when other conditions arose with their athletes. As a whole, the Team USA medical staff was comprised of physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and chiropractors with a variety of specializations, and worked closely with Korean medical personnel when needed to ensure the best patient care.


Courtesy of Team USA Medical Staff

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