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HATA hosts Ms. Katharine Nohr, Esq. on Sports Injury Law

The Hawaii Athletic Trainers’ Association was pleased to host Ms. Katharine Nohr, Esq. for an evening seminar on Sports Injury Law and how it pertains to athletic trainers in the state of Hawaii. Ms. Nohr has worked extensively as a lawyer, and her outside perspective on the regulatory bodies of athletic training and our practice was a valuable supplemental piece to AT training.

Over 30 people attended, including athletic trainers, athletic directors, and other health care professionals, and discussed the wording of athletic training regulations, explored how the law covers AT scope of practice, and examined where ATs stand in the event of any wrong-doing. The growing number of lawsuits that name the sports medicine team can be threatening to the health care profession. Ms. Nohr’s take home point was the importance of an athletic trainer to know their scope of practice, state regulations and the coverage of their liability protection. She suggested that reading the regulations that govern your practice in your state and making sure your athletes feel heard are your best deterrents against the threat of legal action.



Courtesy of HATA PR Committee

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