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2023 FWATA Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2023 FWATA Award Winners!
These individuals exemplify the service to our district and advancement of the profession that all can follow. It is with great pleasure to announce our awardees:

Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Awardee

Lyn Nakagawa MS, ATC, CSCS

“Lyn’s accomplishments as an athletic trainer are evident in her leadership and committee roles. She supports and boosts others to reach their goals while remaining humble. Lyn exhibits courage, integrity, humility, and intelligence”

Carolyn Peters




Special Recognition Awardees

Justine Coliflores MA, ATC

“Justine is a prime example of a person who has willingly volunteered her time within our district in multiple roles that often go unnoticed to the general membership. Only those who know how much must be done at our Annual Meeting are aware of how many things she handles without having to be directed.”

Ruem Malasarn
AMCS Committee Commissioner
Assistant Athletic Director – Cal Poly Pomona





Junior Domingo ATC

“His passion is resolute and he constantly works to foster an environment for personal and professional growth. He is and will continue to be one of the biggest advocates for the profession and for the district that I know.”

Heather Harvey, MA, ATC
AB Miller High School Athletic Trainer







Courtesy of the Honors and Awards Chair
Todd Hamburg

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