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Annual Honors & Awards Dinner

Honoring the FWATA Hall of Fame Members and 2018 Award Winners during the Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium!

Photo: Seated– Lew Crowl 1994 HOF Inductee and 63 year NATA Member. Back row: Bill Chambers-1994, Lindsy McLean-1996, Cindy Clivio-2016

This year’s Annual Meeting gathering for our FWATA Hall of Fame members began at the Welcome Reception on April 27, 2018 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort.

Attendees were given the opportunity to greet 2018 Inductee Michael Chisar and other HOF members. Of being inducted into the District 8 HOF, Chisar says “I am deeply humbled to be joining the esteemed men and women in the FWATA Hall of Fame – a number of whom I have been fortunate to have had as mentors and role models. I am very fortunate to be an athletic trainer and it has been an honor and privilege to be able serve the FWATA membership. I am looking forward to continuing to work together to accomplish great things for the profession.”

front row: Michael Chisar-2018, Lew Crowl-1994. Back row: Bill Chambers-1994, Fran Babich-2012, Don Chu-2001, Andy Paulin-2009, Julie Max-2006, Carolyn Peters-2017, Cindy Clivio-2016, Lindsy McLean-1996, Scott Sailor-2014, Tom Abdenour-2007, Robert Kersey-2013

Saturday, April 28, 2018 was “FWATA Hall of Fame Day”. The day started with the Hall of Fame Breakfast with twelve HOF members joined to welcome Michael Chisar to this prestigious group of FWATA members.

Front Row: Lew Crowl-1994, Paul Schechter-2001. Back Row: Tom Abdenour- 2007, Fran Babich-2012, Bill Chambers-1994, Robert Kersey-2013, Michael Chisar-2018, Scott Sailor-2014, Lindsy McLean-1996, Andy Paulin-2009, Cindy Clivio-2016, Don Chu-2001, Carolyn Peters-2017

“FWATA Hall of Fame Day” concluded with the 2018 Awards Banquet. All the HOF members in attendance joined Michael Chisar for a group photo in front of the FWATA Hall of Fame booth. During the banquet, the 450+ attendees enjoyed a delicious dinner while the 25 year members, 50+ year members, FWATA Student Scholarships and Research & Grants Awardees were recognized.


Christina Scherr and Jamie Adams

The FWATA Honors & Awards Special Recognition Awards were awarded to Jamie Adams, Dennis Goebel, and Garvin Tsuji.  Nominator Christina Scherr had this to say about Jamie Adams: “Jamie pushes for ATs in California to advocate for the great things we all do in the AT profession, and makes sure that our excellence is recognized nationally in the NATA News, and FWATA Newsletter. Jamie also manages all of the CATA social media accounts, linking the State with all of that is going on in the District and National levels. I admire her enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment working both fronts on the FWATA and CATA levels. She is truly an AT All Star!”

Dennis Goebel and Carolyn Peters

Carolyn Peters presented Dennis Goebel with the award and stated the following: “Dennis’ achievements are vast and mostly unknown. He is so passionate about athletic training and his students, it has been a privilege to observe him during the FWATA Golf Tournament. The FWATA BOD had canceled the golf tournament twice when Dennis stepped up, took charge and made twice what the tournaments in the past have earned. He has sparked the energy of those around him to be more involved with the student scholarships and athletic training overall. At this time, I can think of no other more deserving.”

Lyn Nakagawa and Garvin Tsuji

Nominator Lyn Nakagawa had this to say about Garvin Tsuji: “The FWATA Special Recognition Award is intended to recognize certified athletic trainers who make significant contribution to FWATA and are ‘actively working in some capacity towards the betterment and promotion of FWATA’ Garvin is deserving of such an award. He has made an impact on the profession and has helped FWATA become what I believe is a model district in the NATA.”

The highlight of the evening was the 2018 Hall of Fame Induction of Michael Chisar. Fran Babich presented Mr. Chisar with the award after viewing an induction video. HOF Fran Babich said “Although Mike’s service and contributions may seem to be devoted to one area, this area affects thousands of student-athletes’ health and safety. It has national ramifications as California is currently the only state without some sort of regulation for athletic trainers. His commitment to seeing California licensure or regulation through fruition has brought Mike distinction not only in our District but also within the NATA.”

Mike Chisar

Mike Chisar’s induction to the Hall of Fame was well deserved and offered a continued message for active participation by all members. (add Michael’s photo)

Thank you to Michael Barreiro for the amazing HOF induction video and being the photographer at the Awards Banquet. A big “Thank You” to the Honors & Awards Committee Members Kris Boyle-Walker, Junior Domingo, Garvin Tsuji, Andy Paulin, Todd Hamburg, and Kyle Wilson for their service during this year.

Lastly, I welcome and thank Junior Domingo, for agreeing to serve as the incoming chair. The Honors and Awards committee is in good hands due to Junior’s leadership and commitment to recognize the deserving members of our association.


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Courtesy of Hazel Ando, Outgoing Honors & Awards Committee Chair

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