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Meet District 8 – Carolyn Peters

The FWATA Public Relations Committee Social Media team is highlighting members of District 8 each month.  This month we are highlight District 8 Director; Carolyn Peters.

District 8 Monthly Member Highlight: Carolyn Peters MA, ATC, CSCS
Current Position: Head Athletic Trainer, San Diego Christian College
Current FWATA Title: Director
What first made you choose athletic training? What inspired you to become an athletic trainer?

I had plans to be an English Teacher but shifted interest when I took more advanced science classes. I had been to a physical therapist when I was younger and thought that would be my career path until attending San Diego State University. There I was introduced to athletic training and soon joined the internship where I was fortunate to have mentors as Bob Moore, Dave Reeder, Sue Lalicker, and Linda Buttles. I enjoy the diversity of the AT’s day and the population of active people who want to excel physically.

How did you first get involved in FWATA?

It began as an AT with SDSU where I was often asked to host a CATA Region 6 meeting. Amy Weiner, region 6 director at that time encouraged me to get involved. She  and the support of my head AT Brian Berry was all I needed to jump start my volunteerism in the organization. From region 6 Director I became CATA secretary where Ky Kugler encouraged me to run for FWATA Secretary. As secretary, I was fortunate to chair the district secretary and treasurer committee and became more enlightened into the workings of the NATA. Having experienced this journey I cannot see myself ever not being involved at some level in some area.

What advice would you give to AT students?

Diversify your experience and have a commitment to learning. Exercise opportunities for research, public speaking, and service. There is more than one way to do many things, so keep an open mind as the profession expands and evolves. Have fun, this is an awesome profession with interesting, passionate, and intelligent people. Give back, find an area that excites you and volunteer. Keep your hobbies, you’ll need them to find your balance. 

What are you most proud of when you look back on your career? Or what is your most memorable moment in the profession?

Seeing my injured athletes return to a higher level than before. Attending weddings of and getting birth announcements from past athletes. Helping past AT students obtain their dream job and be elected into various leadership roles.

What are you looking forward to most as our profession continues to grow and develop?

I won’t have to explain what I do. Licensure in  California. AT will continue to prove that it is a destination profession and that every active person young, athletic, or old will have access to the care of a Certified Athletic Trainer.

Courtesy of the Public Relations Committee

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