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Santa Margarita High School ATs Save Coach’s Life

SMHS ATsSanta Margarita Catholic High School Athletic Trainers Michael Kingsbury and Nicholas Anderson save the life of the school’s Strength & Conditioning Coach when it was brought to their attention that the coach might be experiencing medical difficulty.  Below is a short interview courtesy of Michael Martinez, FWATA PR Committee (Secondary Schools):

Martinez:  Besides You and Nick Anderson, was there any one else who assisted you both in saving the coach’s life?

Kingsbury:  It was about 45 minutes before school got out and when a coach began to feel ill.  He went into a coaches’ office that was near the athletic training office to sit down and get some water.  That coach recognized that he wasn’t looking normal and immediately brought him to us.  Nick asked him questions and began to monitor vitals.  Within a minute, we decided to transport base on his signs and symptoms.  Nick called 911 and I remained with the coach keeping him comfortable and calm.  When Nick got off the phone, I went outside and made arrangement for EMS’s arrival while Nick remained with the coach.  I notified a few administers of the situation and asked with help keeping the area clear as school was getting out soon.  EMS arrived and transported the coach to the hospital.  He was prepped and went straight into surgery to alleviate a complete blockage of a coronary artery. 

Martinez:  When did this happen?

Kingsbury:  Sometime in January.

Martinez:  Name withheld but what sport was the coach involved in and how long was the coach at Santa Margarita Catholic High School?

Kingsbury:  He was the Strength and Conditioning Coach, he has been here for 8 years.

Martinez:  Did you administer CPR? Was an AED used?

Kingsbury:  No CPR but we did prep the AED just in case while waiting for EMS.

Martinez:  What did you learn from the experience and what advice do you have for other ATs?

Kingsbury:  The unexpected can always happen, and AT’s make great people to recognize and manage those situations.






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