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Stanford Sports Medicine Assists with Disaster Relief

Scott Anderson, ATC and Dominic Vincentini, ATC

Scott Anderson, ATC and Dominic Vincentini, ATC

It is always hard to really put into perspective the reality of natural disasters, especially when they occur across the country. After reading about the flooding in Louisiana, Hurricane Matthew in North Carolina and seeing the opportunity to help people in that area Stanford Sports Medicine sprang into action.  “We read about it, see it on the news, but we aren’t able to grasp how difficult it can be for individuals living in those communities.” states assistant athletic trainer, Lee Martin.

Lee and Jesse Hernandez, medical assistant at the Lacob Family Sports Medicine Center, went through the clinic storage to find medical supplies such as gauze, band aids, iodine scrubs, sterile gauze, and much more to send to those impacted by the devastation.  “I really enjoyed being able to go through our training room and find supplies that we had in excess that would benefit donation centers and medical centers affected by the hurricane and flooding.”   They also packed up extra sports medicine summer camp t-shirts and other athletics shirts they had to send along with toiletries they have collect from traveling during competitive season.  Lee also adds ,“It made me realize how fortunate we are here at Stanford Sports Medicine and proud that we could come together to help support other medical centers and athletic trainers who have been hit with unfortunate events.  It really puts things in perspective – we are so thankful to be able to support others in need!”

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