Public Relations Committee

Committee Mission & Members

The mission of the Public Relations Committee is to assist the efforts of the Far West Athletic Trainers Association (FWATA) in support of the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) vision and mission statement. The PR committee assumes responsibility for the strategic management of relationships between District 8 committees and FWATA members through the use of communication. The PR Committee also works to promote a positive image of District 8 both internally and externally, serves as a media liaison, and coordinates or assists with special FWATA activities.

 Excellence in Athletic Training Award

Each year FWATA members are committed to helping people prevent injuries and stay healthy and active. As highly educated and dedicated health care professionals we knowingly and unknowingly impact the lives of athletic training students, athletes, co-workers, patients and the general public. The Public Relations Committee would like to present this honor on behalf of FWATA to recognize and applaud these noble efforts during the year through its Excellence in Athletic Training Award (EinAT). Click here for more information.

Public Relations Goals

Comprehensive Goal: 

Execute a comprehensive plan to promote and advance the image of athletic training in support of the Far West Athletic Trainers Association mission and goals.

Ongoing Goals:

1. Implement and update the public relations plan.

2. Promote FWATA personnel, services, programs, and activities to enhance and express the image of the NATA locally, statewide, regionally, and nationally.

3. Inform targeted audiences about athletic training and build support for the profession.

4. Encourage members to project a consistently favorable image of the profession within the medical field, to the community, and to each other.

5. Coordinate and promote activities that respond to community needs and enhance the districts relationship to the community.

6. Promote positive communications among internal and external audiences, including college and universities, secondary schools, administration, students, athletes, board members, government officials, and others.

7. Produce timely, quality publications that provide information about FWATA programs, policies, and activities and that establish athletic training as a progressive profession to a broad audience.

8. Provide communications support for the district.

Marketing Communications and Public Relations Resources

Courtesy of the NATA Communications Toolkit

Courtesy of the NATA Public Relations Committee PR Resource & Stylebook

Sample Communications Strategic Plan
Creating a plan is the first step toward success. This sample shows the traditional components of a communications plan, which helps provide focus and structure for an organization’s communication strategy.

Template: Annual Communications Calendar
Organize your annual communication plan with this calendar, which provides a broad overview of scheduled events, promotions and campaigns.

Template: Monthly Communications Run Sheet
For those who have multiple people on the communications team, a run sheet is designed to provide the month’s strategic focus and keep everyone on the same page. It should be distributed at the beginning of the month to help organize that month’s strategies and tactics.

Social Media Best Practices
Wanting to expand or improve your social media presence? This document provides tips and tricks for social media managers.

NATA News District News Submission Calendar
Get your district information included in the NATA News by following the guidelines and deadlines on this calendar.

NATA Verbal Style Guide
Athletic training has its own terminology, and NATA follows specific rules within its publications. Districts are encouraged to adopt these guidelines to help us convey a consistent message to the general public.

Social Media Policy for the FWATA PR Committee

Social Media How To Guide for FWATA

Committee Members

Katherine Susskind Risso

Committee Chair

UC Santa Barbara

Jamie Adams


Cuyamaca College

Michael Barreiro

Social Media Director


Marissa Sumida


Mid-Pacific Institute

Katelin Knox


Stanford University

Karina Avila

Social Media

Coby VandenBerg

Nevada ATA PR Chair

Wynn, Las Vegas

Far West Athletic Trainers Association